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Miro and Steve Angerman at XDC Englishtown I did some more driving. Summer Moves was fun. XDC NJ was kind of disappointing. There were a lot of good dudes at the event with several of the DMCC guys doing it, so it was pretty competitive. The course was kind of risky since you need to go into the bank fast and ride the wall around. A lot of people crashed.

I kept it conservative in practice and qualifying to avoid hitting the wall early. I did two solid qualifying runs and got 11th place out of that. Qualifying was kind of a mess with a lot of good people qualifying low in the order so it wasn’t much of an advantage to qualify high anyway. Nobody wanted to practice on Saturday due to lack of tires/sandbagging, so that was pretty gay and made tandem more difficult. I did some solo practice runs and tandem with the 5 or so other guys that decided to practice. I was feeling good about the comp since I was consistently doing solid runs and was able to follow most people in tandem.

XDC Englishtown I was matched up with Justin Tuerck in the first round. I didn’t get to practice with him because he had to change his seventh transmission of the weekend during practice, so I didn’t know how fast he was. I remembered he was about the same speed as me just from driving together at Clubloose, so I wanted to be more on the aggressive side to make sure I could stay with him when following. He led first and got a bit of a gap on me because I entered the first turn on the slow side. I drove into the bank hard and caught up, but he was way slower than I thought, so I had to do major e-brake extendo transitioning off the bank to stay off of him and got all wonky because of that. I gathered that up and stayed decently close to him for the rest of the run, but he had a big advantage from that run.

On my lead run, I’m not sure what happened but accelerating down the straight, I went to shift to 4th and it wouldn’t go in gear. So that fucked me all up. I just put it in 3rd and e-braked into the first turn. The rest of the run was pretty good I thought, and I had a large gap on Justin from what I could see in the mirror by the end of the course. I was hoping to get a OMT from that, but he got the win. Anyway, it was a good time, and the car is still in one piece. I need to do more competitions and to stop shifting like an idiot.

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