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Miro at Drift Effect in Ohio I decided I should do more competitions lately and less practice stuff so I can learn to not drive like a retard at competitions. There was a competition called The Drift Effect in Ohio organized this weekend by the Drift Cleveland guys. I’m pretty much out of vacation days at work since I’ve set my days aside for some big trips later in the year. So I had to come back by Monday, which sucks a lot. Anyway, it was paying $1500 to the winner, so I thought some quality dudes would show up and it would be good practice. I left Saturday afternoon, got to Ohio around 9pm, and passed out.

I got to the track early Sunday. It was a 1/5 mile oval, relatively low banking with an “X” through the center. So the course setup was basically an “S” shape. You go through the first bank, down though the center of the oval, out and around the other bank, manji on the straight, and through the first bank for the last time. It was a pretty simple course. The challenge was just getting close to the walls. A lot of people crashed, like literally half the cars there. We had hours of practice time, but I didn’t run too much because I only brought 6 tires. I did around 10-15 practice runs and just left it for qualifying. I put down two pretty decent runs with lots of angle and smoke, not crazy close to the wall though. That was good for 3rd place.

For first round, I went against Josh in an SR S13. He spun when following me, so I took it easy on my follow run and got the win. I’m not really sure what was going on in top 8. From what I understand, the guy I was supposed to go against wrecked his car in top 16 but moved on to top 8. So he borrowed a car that had lost in top 16 to drive with. I was confused why I was lining up with a car that lost in top 16, but I just drifted. I got a big gap on him in my lead run. He was pretty smooth/predictable on his lead run, so it was easy for me to follow close. I advanced to top 4.

Miro qualifying at Drift Effect in Ohio In top 4, I went against Dennis Mertzanis. We were both consistent and had almost exactly the same speed throughout the course. The first two runs were super even. I think I was a bit closer to him on my follow. But on the straightaway manji, he got ridiculous angle, and I thought he was going to spin. So basically I got phazed and my transition looked sloppy since I was preparing to stop when he spun, but he never did. So we got a one more time from that. The OMT runs were really close again, but I think I was just a bit closer to him on my follow, and I didn’t get phazed this time. So I got the win. To his credit, I’m sure he was driving more on the safe side since his car has to leave for Formula D Las Vegas in a few days.

In the final, I went against Mike Skudlarek. We were really close on speed, so it was a tough match, and I was struggling for grip the whole time. The first set of runs were retarded. I led first, went to enter the first turn high on the bank, and he just shot underneath me and passed me… lol. He apologized for it later, so I’m guessing he just went in too fast, went low to avoid me, and the only way he could keep the drift was to stay on the throttle and pass me. I was pretty annoyed though when it happened, so on my follow run, I did the same thing he did and just passed him on the inside in the first turn… lol. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but it was pretty entertaining for the crowd… haha. So since that was retarded, we got a OMT. The OMT runs were clean and close and I was driving as fast as I could to stay with him because my tires were going off. I didn’t know who won afterwards, but I guess I was a bit closer in tandem or maybe he had some correction behind me, so I was told I got the win.

Then it started raining like crazy immediately after, so I packed up my stuff and left, drove 7 hours home, wanted to die, survived on Red Bull, fig newtons and combos. I got home, showered, and went to work. So a good weekend overall.

Here’s a picture of the ridiculous trophy that doesn’t fit in my truck.

The Drift Effect Trophy

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