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I’ve been wanting to try more rear toe in for a while, but I didn’t want to just show up to a competition not knowing how the car will drive. I decided to just do it before Canada since I didn’t think I’d have a shot at winning with how fast the car was before. So I made a bunch of changes for more grip/speed. I set the rear toe to 1/2″ total toe in (was 1/8″ before), set the front toe to 1/8″ in (was 1/8″ out before), rear camber to exactly 0 (was -0.5 degrees before), rear shocks full soft, rear tires to 25 psi cold with 255 wide Federals, and off to Canada I went.

DMCC East Round 5 Montreal There were a few hours of practice on Sunday. I went out for the first lap, and I literally could not keep the car sideways. It had ridiculous grip. I basically made an ass of myself just clutch kicking and trying to hold a drift, but the car would just grip and straighten out. So after two practice laps, I realized this is not going to work, so I came off the track and set the rear toe back to 1/8″ total in. I went out for a few more runs, and it had lost enough grip that I could sort of slide it, but it was still wanting to straighten out like crazy even though I had it floored all the way through the corners. So basically, in the first practice session, I did like 6-7 runs, and I don’t think I even linked the course once… lol. It was embarrassing.

There was another practice session scheduled for that evening, and there was a lot of time to work on the car while all the Pro-Am stuff was going on. So I really went to town and did everything to try to lower the grip/speed. I set the front to 1/8″ toe out, stiffened rear shocks a bit, set rear camber to about -1 degrees, and set rear tire pressure to 65 psi cold… lol. It was just retarded because everyone was complaining how they had no grip and couldn’t stay in the gas at all. Meanwhile, I was flooring it through the turns with no problem. So in the evening practice, the car felt normal-ish again after all the changes. I still felt like I had grip even with the 65 psi and everything. I tandemed with a few guys, and I could keep up with them without much trouble.

DMCC East Round 5 Montreal On Monday, there was one more practice session, then qualifying, then competition. I chose to lead for most of the practice runs so I could focus on getting good qualifying laps. The track was kind of crappy for me in terms of gearing. I was right at the top of 3rd gear. I tried shifting to fourth but it was pretty hard to keep it from bogging unless you had the perfect run and kept the speed up. The course layout was relatively simple. It was a low banked oval ran clockwise. You go down one straight, around the bank, manji the next straight between the outer wall and pit wall, go halfway around the second bank, then into the infield for a couple of slower turns. A whole lot of people crashed in that straightaway manji, including Kevin Grenier jumping an R32 and flipping into the outer wall. It was pretty sketchy because with a car spun out sideways between the outer wall and pit wall, there was almost no room to pass by.

For qualifying, as always I tried to just get a solid first run to get used to the track and get confidence for the second run. I did a decent run the first time, but unfortunately, on the last turn of the course, there’s a little curb/rumble strip that I hit sideways with the left rear. That bent my lower control arm, so I had some positive camber and toe in on the left rear now. It wasn’t anything crazy so I figured I’d feel it out on the first turn and continue with the run if it felt OK. As I was approaching the second qualifying run, it started to drizzle. I thought the track would still be mostly dry, so I drove as usual. I was wrong. The first turn was pretty slippery and I had a shitty line through there. Then, on the straightaway manji, I totally lost it and almost backed into the pit wall. Apparently, they do drag racing on that front straight, and whatever stuff was there became like ice when it was wet.

After me, I’m told everyone spun out on that front straight as it got wetter. Then, people didn’t want to drive it because it was so sketchy? I was fixing my lower control arm, so I didn’t know what was going on. After a while, it was decided that for the remainder of the qualifying runs, you could just drive through the front straight and initiate at the next corner, and there would be no deduction for that. I ended up qualifying 6th since my first run was decent.

DMCC East Round 5 Montreal I went against Maxime Truchon in his Toyota Soarer in the top 16. It hadn’t rained for a while, so the track was drying up in most places. Since the track was “dry”, we had to manji the straight once again. I still took it a bit easy leading into the first turn not knowing how the grip would be. Apparently I was too slow because Maxime just passed me on the inside all sick. So I finished that run behind him. On my chase run, I stayed decently close to him. We got a OMT from that. On my second lead run, he passed me again on the first turn… I crossed over underneath him and got next to him as we got on the straightaway so he didn’t have any room to manji, and I passed him back finishing the run. On my chase run, I stayed pretty close again, had a minor correction going into the infield because he ran super wide, and I had to slow down big time to keep from passing him. I got the win from that. Then every one of his 5 mechanics came over to me individually and yelled at me for being too slow… Haha. Drifting is serious business in Canada. Don’t mess around.

I got paired up with Matt Waldin in the top 8. He led first. I managed to stay decently close but had to run a shallow line to keep up. On my lead run, I could see him pretty close behind, so I thought I had lost, but we got a OMT. With him leading, it was basically the same story as the first time. I could stay pretty close but had to be underneath him a bit to keep up. Also, on the last turn of my chase run, I clipped the apex curb with the inside of my left front wheel and fucked up the wheel. I threw the car around a bit to make sure the left front was OK, and it seemed fine so I continued. (I later found out the lip of the wheel got screwed up, and the tire was flat by the time I made it back to the pits.) On my lead run of the OMT, it was starting to rain again, and I was hoping they would send us already before it got too wet. I went into the first turn and it was a bit more slippery that usual, so I was praying the straightaway was still somewhat dry. Well, it was not… lol. I transitioned for the manji, and it was basically like hitting ice. I got way too much angle and was facing the wall at full lock ready to smash it. I managed to get it flicked back the other way, but I was way off line and had to do major e-brake extend to not straighten going into the infield. So overall, it was sloppy, and Waldin got the win.

Then, I went home. Overall had a lot of fun and did OK considering how I started out on Sunday. Met a bunch of awesome Canada guys… haha.

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