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Club Loose Freedom Moves The weekend after Canada was Club Loose Freedom Moves. I put everything on the car back as it was before and just did a bit more toe in on the rear to see how that would go. Basically just wanted to have some tandem fun at this event and make sure everything was good to go for Street Life Tour in Ohio the following week.

I did two runs, and my fuel pump died. I think it just overheated because I had only two gallons in the cell. It’s not related to the issues I had before since the setup is totally different now with the pump inside the cell basically like stock. Anyway, I installed another pump and did some more driving.

Later in the night, I was following Tanner. He spun out in front of me, and I crashed into him pretty hard with the right front. He seemed kind of sketchy going through that particular corner, and I backed out a bit. But then I thought he had it under control, so I floored it to accelerate just as he spun out. The right side of the rad support, headlight, tub, etc were all bent up, but the frame rail and strut tower were still straight.

So I spent last week cutting out all the bent crap and welding in some tubing in there to support everything and also made a simple bash bar.

Street Life Tour I left for Ohio Thursday night, drove some, slept, got to the track Friday afternoon. I did some practice runs to get comfortable with the track. It was a high banked oval with some infield turns. At the end of the course, there’s a bit of a jump as you come out of a right turn. Basically, you fly out of the infield (which is slightly banked) and land on flat track, so it puts a lot of stress on the left front as you come down. I did a few laps and started noticing the steering was getting kind of weird and vague. I got out to check to make sure nothing was bent, and everything looked fine, toe looked OK. On the next run, as I finished the course doing that jump, the left side knuckle snapped as I landed. I ended up putting my stock knuckles on for the rest of the weekend.

After changing the knuckles, I went out on the track again and was getting comfortable with the stock steering. I was starting to feel confident with it, so wanted to try doing faster entries into the bank. I got some fresh tires, and went out for a run. Right as I clutch kicked in fourth to initiate into the bank like a man, the car just snapped sideways way faster than I anticipated, didn’t have enough angle to catch it, spun out, and backed into the wall really hard. The right rear got bent in a ridiculous amount, but the suspension wasn’t damaged. The hatch was bent, both quarter windows shattered. Mechanically, there was nothing wrong with it, so I just went out for some more runs… lol.

Street Life Tour There was some more practice on Saturday and then qualifying. I did two pretty solid runs and ended up qualifying 2nd. For top 16, I went against this local dude Tater in a stockish S13. He was pretty slow so I just gave him a lot of room on my follow, did a decent lead run, and got the win. In top 8, I was driving with Nick from Elite JDM. I gapped him a bit on my lead run, and stuck close to him on my follow, but I was grabbing a lot of e-brake to stay off of him, so maybe got deducted for that… not really sure. So we got a OMT. I gapped him on my lead run again. On my follow run, he spun coming off the bank, so I finished the run and got the win. Great job by Nick though making it to top 8 in his first comp.

In the next round, I was paired with Mike Pollard. I led first and I could hear him on my ass the whole run, so I knew I had to push hard on my follow run. When following, I threw it into the bank a bit too low, so I ended up sucking up to him really close since he was running the high line. I tried to scrub speed by braking and throwing on a lot of angle, but I hit full lock coming off the bank and basically did like half a spin. Stock knuckles suck. So I lost that.

Street Life Tour In the battle for 3rd, I went against Mike Feiock in his FC RX7. He led first and was pretty fast through the bank, but I managed to close up on him through the infield. On my lead run, I’m told he smacked the wall on the entry and straightened for a bit, so he was way behind me. Meanwhile, I was still pushing hard because I couldn’t see how close he was. I ended up spinning out in the second-to-last super easy corner like an idiot, so he got the win. I finished fourth and won $100.

I was thinking that I could probably cut off the back of the car, and do some kind of tube frame or weld on another rear like I did last year. But looks like I need another shell now. I got the car on stands yesterday and took a close look at everything. The car is pretty messed up. The right rear frame rail right above the subframe is crumpled a bit, and my transmission tunnel is crumpled in some places. Basically looks like the rear subframe is about 1/4″ closer to the front subframe now. The driveshaft had like no front-to-rear play in it anymore, and I remember it had at least like 1/16 to 1/8″ movement before the crash. I ended up loosening the front crossmember, motor mounts, trans mount, and basically sliding the motor as far forward as possible to make sure the driveshaft wasn’t pushing itself into the trans.

Car Damage

The plan is to finish off the season with what’s left of this car and re-shell for next year. I’m doing XDC Texas this weekend, then loading my stuff on Matt Waldin’s trailer to get the car out to Irwindale Pro/Am. Last event will probably be XDC Phoenix the week after Pro/Am.

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