Suspension Cleanup and Assembly

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I got the new hatch gutted and painted.

Bought a non-crashed, non-bent, non-rusty pile of crap subframe, cleaned it up, and installed new bushings.

Replaced my lower control arms which had been bent and hammered straight a few times and installed Energy Suspension bushings.

I thought it would be interesting to see how square the chassis is at this point. I put bolts through the front and rear lower control arm mounts and and dropped a plumb bob from those. It was exactly square (+/- 1/32″), which was shocking. I’m sure it could be bent in other ways, but I think this is the most important type of measurement. So this is good to know.

So just cleaning up the rear suspension now and putting everything back on. My diff output shafts are kind of wobbly now. You can move them up and down like 1/16″ and in/out about 1/16. What is wrong with it? Does it need new bearings? The one and only time I’ve ever opened a diff is when I installed the LSD 2 years ago, so I don’t know. Help.

Putting It Together

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Rear Painted and Assembled


Category : Build

Just have the hatch to lighten and paint, and then put it all back together.