LS3 Is In

Category : Build

All the stuff that comes with the GM controller kit.

Made a mount for the electronic throttle.

I put together a new FPR setup because the stock Corvette filter/regulator always fluctuated a few psi on pressure and is more expensive to change than the Aeromotive filter cartridges.

Cleaned up the transmission and installed new slave.

Disassembled and cleaned the Accusump to check for any wear on the piston or cylinder. Everything looked good. I filled it with two quarts of oil when I assembled it, so that should make it easy to prime the engine before first start.

Swapping the LS1 parts onto the LS3.

As it sits now.

I have a few more things to put on there and have to do some wiring. Hopefully I’ll be trying to start it in a week or two.