NJMP Practice with Club Loose

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I went out to NJMP last weekend for the Club Loose event there. I wanted to make sure everything was good with the car after the “repairs” made from Florida. It was also a great chance to get a practice day and get used to having way more power without having to worry about walls, competition, etc. The “Lightning” track was wide open and fast with a lot of run-off room, so it was good for practicing. We were also hot-lapping so I got plenty of seat time.

I worked on putting the car in the right places and scrubbing off speed on fast entries. It seems like I’m just overshooting corners a lot now with more power, like missing inner clipping points and going too wide on exits. I think I got really used to being able to throw the LS1 car into corners as hard as possible, and now I can’t really do that since I’m going faster and can’t afford much bigger/better tires. Overall, I was pretty happy with my driving and with the car, so I’m going to leave it alone for now.



The track was super fun, and I got to try some new stuff like 90 mph gigantic banked turn and 115 mph e-brake entry. I’m looking forward to coming back here later in the year. They also had a sweet go kart track that a bunch of us went on. I think I started our race in 11th or 12th and finished 2nd after much off roading, curb jumping, middle fingers, and karting tandems. The subsequent two days of back pain was a good reminder of the ridiculous go kart jumps that happened.

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