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Just have the hatch to lighten and paint, and then put it all back together.

Bash bar, bumper.

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I finished up with all the welding on the back. I added a bash bar and the bumper brackets. Now just need to put in the windows, fenders, and paint it.


Cutting and Welding

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I’ve been making some progress on getting the car back together. I cut the back off the free shell I got and trimmed it to fit. It’s tacked on now so just need to finish weld everything, make a new bash bar, and paint.


Also been doing some work here and there for people since I’m poor. Here’s a sweet exhaust I put together for an LS1 S14. You can’t tell much from jackstand pictures, but the tips look nice. And that’s what matters.


Found a Donor

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I got this shell for free.

Donor Shell

It has a nice rear.

Some Pulling

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The C-pillar and rear taillight sheet metal was bent down and inward pretty badly. After a lot of hammering and pulling with creative combinations of tow straps, engine hoist, and angry man-power, I got everything to line back up pretty close with a new hatch. Putting that hatch on and taking it off about 50 times was a great workout too.

Today I got started on replacing all the things cut out. I added the end of the right rear rail that got crumpled and made some mounting points for a new bash bar. Hopefully I’ll have a new right rear section in the next few days.

Some Cutting

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I tried on another subframe, and it looks like the studs are in the right place and at the right angle. I’m not sure how that’s possible with the frame rail crumpled a bit, as you can see in the third pic. Some sort of magic. Anyway, knowing that I don’t need to pull anything for a new subframe to fit, I decided I would save myself the time and just slap another right rear corner on instead of cutting off the whole rear.

So I did some cutting. Next comes bending the C-pillar and rear to be in the right place, and then finding a replacement rear. Also have to get new ricer taillights.


Rebuild #2

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Crashed Rear

What do I do now? lol

I’m leaning towards pulling out the right rear frame rail a bit and doing something like this: